Our Parabolic Antennas antennas are recognized as high quality by the leading telecommunications company in Mexico. Both C-Band and KU Band.
Having pioneered the manufacture of antennas for radio communication in Mexico has allowed us to design, manufacture and successfully market a wide variety of radio antennas.

We continue to grow in frequency ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical)

We have modern developments in solar energy products. As stoves and solar ovens for fuel savings.


Antenas de Jalisco is a 100% Mexican company with more than 42 years of experience in manufacturing Sattelite Dishes and Radiocommunication. Plus innovating in Microwave systems in the last years. We offer a wide range of products to fulfill your Telecommunication needs like satellite antenna, microwave antenna, digital high definition antenna, among others. Each one designed and manufactured in our plant under strict quality measures which has distinguished us and given our reputation.

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What kind of antennas do we manufacture?

In Antenas de Jalisco we are Manufacturers of Parabolic Antennas, Radiocommunication Antennas, Microwave Antennas, Satellite Antennas, High Definition Antennas and Antennas for cellular telephony.


In Antenas de Jalisco we manufacture parabolic antennas with reflective surface in solid sheet of aluminum coated with glass fiber and the traditional parabolic antennas of mesh of aluminum, ideal for band C. Inside the parabolic we also have the line of parabolic type Offset whose design is Focused on the KU band. We have several diameters of parabolic antennas and we are specialists in big parabolic for the business and domestic market, television companies and cable companies are a captive market for these products.

radiocommunication antennas

The Radiocommunication antennas were the first products manufactured in our facilities, these base station antennas provide excellent communication quality. The range of solutions in this line of business is extremely broad thanks to the variety of frequencies we handle

microwave antennas

We have gone through different types of communication over the years, from radiofrequency systems to the sending and receiving of data. We have several solutions in directional antennas for point-to-point links, which allow the sending of internet, voice, video and systems.

hdtv digital antennas

The television antennas of our manufacture are made based on high standards of quality in materials and workmanship. We are specialists in the manufacture of these antennas for marginal areas or difficult signal reception, it means, where no antenna receives signal, you will have an excellent signal when using our antennas.

cellular antennas

The cellular antenna solutions we manufacture are of high durability and resistance, amplify the signal of your cell phone in great magnitude and prevent the communication from being cut off.

Solar stove

Based on the principles of antenna manufacturing and taking into account new trends, we combine our technology and experience to create products with high social impact. Solar stoves are novel products, useful and with great benefits for rural communities, because using a solar stove saves 80% of the fuel consumption they use for cooking. They avoid the consumption of firewood and this reduces the felling of trees. The benefits of these products don´t have limits.


Antenas de Jalisco